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Auteur Sujet: Which AMD X570 motherboard supports effectively ECC RAM ?  (Lu 270 fois)

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Hi, I'minteressed in building a workstation based on an AMD 3900X + X570 chipset.
These support ECC memory.
I found that the "X570-A PRO" motherboard would be right choice for my usages.

BUT, in the technical MSI document, it states that page 15 of specification manual Version 3.1, 2019/08:
> Supports ECC UDIMM memory (non-ECC mode)

I wonder about this restriction (non-ECC mode)?!?

MB accepts ECC chips
AMD 3900X handles ECC.

So is it tru that by design of the MB, this MB wil not handle ECC ? (additionnal memory lines supporting EEC not present ?!?)

Could the MSI support give me some advice so I can have an effective ECC support for my workstation usage ?
Thanks :-)
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