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About Misty and Gabby
« le: juin 30, 2020, 12:13:05 pm »

OH, Rufus Congratulations on your bark park prevledges! You looked awesome on the agility course. I am totally impressed! You go!

I’m very sure Rufus had a blast on his 1st day at Bark Park! He did pawsome with the A-Frame & jumps. Looks pretty hot out there…

Butt wiggles, Solid Gold Dancer

Amber-Maes last blog post..Blasting Off to Dogathon 2008!

What a great idea your son had! Roofy certainly looked like he had great fun with him. Bark Park looks soooo much fun. Love George x

Georgeous Georges last blog post..Blogging Friends Forever Gold Card

Thank you Baylee… Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Rufus would do so good at the park and actually get off leash privileges. He was so amazing - it brought tears to my eyes. He was such a good boy! There was a little female saint there today as well… Rufus had to ask if she was Baylee and was disappointed she wasnt.

Thanks Amber. It was a little warm out. A little too warm for him. Thank goodness there was water to cool off in and Rufus LOVES the water. It was only 80°F so it wasnt too terribly bad but still a bit warm for him. Next bark park isnt until Sept 6 so it should be a cooler and more enjoyable for him. He certainly will be going back.

Thanks George. He did have a great time. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect him to do so well. He was absolutely brilliant! I feel bad that I have sold him short and didnt give him the opportunity sooner….. but its been too hot for him to be out until now.

Everyone was cheering for him on the A frame.. it was soo cool!

Good for Rufus, he just needed a chance and your confidence in him.

What an adorable child…er, young man!! jans last blog post..Keeping cool in L.A.

Oh my, Rufus, you did great ! Misty and Gabby loved seeing you and the rest of the gang ! Thanks for the great pictures of Gabby and Misty We are totally impressed that he did the agility course ! Way to go ! Thanks to Zack for hiding the bone that Gabby was obsessing about ! Newfie sloppery kisses ! Bev, Misty and Gabby.

I think you are right Jan. He just needed a chance and my confidence. I feel so much better now and am so proud of him. Thanks for the comment on my son.. he’s such a nice kid.

Hi Bev, Misty (AKA Bella) and Gabby…. I dont know WHY I want to call Misty Bella all the time, I am so sorry! I know darn well her name isnt Bella but gosh I just cant stop for some stupid reason - someone smack me… She’s my little “Misty Belle” lol.

The girls looked stunning as always! I wish I would have gotten more pictures of them, but I had my hands full with Rufus. He settled down so nicely and was so well behaved. I wish you guys would have been there when he was running around and he could play with the girls. He seemed very smitten with them.

It was pretty cool watching him going up the a-frame.. everyone was cheering for him. The jumps… not so graceful… I have that CD for you and had it in my bag yesterday. Remind me next time I see you if I forget. Its going to be a long 3 weeks til the next play day.

See you guys soon! **big slobbery smooches and hugs to MISTY and Gabby from Rufus.
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